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Signature Mixerz

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Dr. Pepper | MTN Dew | Coke/Pepsi | Root Beer | Sprite | Lemonade | Kidz Favoritez | OrangeSparkling Water | Energy Drinkz 

*Diet and Sugar-Free Options Available*

dr pepper

Great Escape

Coconut, vanilla


Raspberry puree, coconut cream

Tahiti tango

Blackberry, coconut, half & half

Happy go lucky

Vanilla, strawberry puree, coconut cream

The Rex

Coconut, pineapple

Court Court

Coconut, vanilla, coconut cream


Toasted marshmallow, vanilla, cream

pom pom

Pomegranate, vanilla, raspberry puree

oasis paradise

Peach, strawberry, watermelon

dr rover

Cherry, vanilla, half & half

sweet tooth

Caramel, english toffee, cream

squeeze the day

Cherry, vanilla, fresh lime

spunky brewster

Butterscotch, vanilla, cream

the dino

Cherry, pomegranate, raspberry puree, cream


Cherry, cinnamon

eighty seven

Peach, vanilla, cream

sweet tooth

Caramel, english toffee, vanilla, cream

love doctor

Chocolate, strawberry, half & half

Mtn dew

Nectar of the gods

Strawberry puree, mango puree

Peachy Keen

Peach, raspberry, cream

M-i-z dew

Grapefruit, pomegranate, fresh lime


Guava, strawberry, coconut cream

Tropical Twist

Pineapple, fresh lime, raspberry puree, coconut cream

Here's Johnny

Grape, pomegranate, fresh lime

Mountain Mist

Blue curacao, passion fruit, fresh lime, coconut cream

mound of dew

Coconut, pineapple, half & half

cake pop


pucker punch

Grapefruit, orange, passionfruit

morning dew

Coconut, grapefruit, fresh lime

just dew it

Coconut, green apple, strawberry, cream

ocean time

1/2 mountain dew & 1/2 lemonade, blue curacao, green apple

poppin pink

Pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry pearls

passion fassion

Double lavender, passionfruit, passionfruit pearls

Coke/ Pepsi


Coconut, fresh lime, coconut cream

Coco Splash

Pineapple, coconut cream

Berry Twist

Cranberry, fresh lime

Sipz up

Vanilla, strawberry puree, coconut cream

The mahomes

Coconut, fresh lime

eclectic cherry

Cherry, pineapple, maraschino cherry


Blackberry, red raspberry, strawberry puree, cream

fizzberry fusion

Orange, red raspberry, watermelon


Orange, cream

tiger stripe

Butterscotch, caramel, vanilla

coca chola

Chocolate, cream

tiger bliss

Cinnamon, cream

Root Beer

Berries N Cream

Coconut, raspberry, cream

Roots N Blues

Blue raspberry, strawberry, cream


Butterscotch, half & half


Toasted marshmallow, cream


Butterscotch, toasted marshmallow, cream

Cherry blast

Cherry, cream, maraschino cherry


Butterscotch, chocolate, double cream


Chocolate, toasted marshmallow

toasted cookie

Cookie dough, toasted marshmallow, vanilla, cream


Cherry, cinnamon, maraschino cherry


Cinnamon, cream


view halloo

Pineapple, strawberry puree, coconut cream

Red Rover

Peach, strawberry, watermelon

Pool Party

Pineapple, watermelon, strawberry puree

Bouncin Berry

Cranberry, raspberry puree, fresh lime

Hot N Humid

Raspberry puree, fresh lime

fresh twist

1/2 Sprite, 1/2 Lemonade, grapefruit, fresh lime

sipz paradise

Mango, Passionfruit, fresh lime, coconut cream

lime swirl

1/2 Sprite, 1/2 Lemonade, cherry, grapefruit, fresh lime

blue lagoon

Blue raspberry, green apple, coconut cream


Cherry, cranberry, orange

malibu splash

Coconut, strawberry, coconut cream

stars and stripes

Blue raspberry, strawberry, cream

the meg

Blue raspberry, green apple, coconut cream, gummy shark


Coconut, pineapple, peach, raspberry puree


Cherry, fresh lime, super sour

all american andy

Cherry, pineapple, watermelon


Lemon Twist

Grapefruit, quava

Tropical Breeze

Mango, passion fruit, cream


Coconut, vanilla, coconut cream

Pineapple splash

Pineapple, watermelon, raspberry puree


1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Sprite, blue raspberry, lavender

allie way

Blue raspberry, passion fruit, strawberry puree, cream


Strawberry, maraschino cherry

kidz favoritez

shark tank

1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Sprite, blue raspberry, gummy shark

tweety bird

1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Sprite, mango, pineapple, strawberry, coconut cream

pinky winky

1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Sprite, strawberry, gummy shark

its a jungle

Orange crush, vanilla, cream


orange sunset

Pineapple, strawberry, fresh lime

paloma pineapple

Grapefruit, pineapple, fresh lime


1/2 Orange & 1/2 Mtn Dew, coconut

pulp fiction

Peach, mango puree

cupids crush

Pomegranate, vanilla

sparkling water

peach cheeks

SF peach, fresh lime

island time

SF coconut, SF vanilla, mango puree, coconut cream

taylor swelce

Cranberry, raspberry puree, fresh lime

Fresh squeeze

Grapefruit, mango puree, fresh lime


SF coconut, SF vanilla, strawberry puree, mango puree

como mojo

SF vanilla, SF peach, SF pineapple, fresh lime, raspberry puree

under the sea

Strawberry puree, coconut, SF coconut, SF vanilla

tappin out

SF strawberry, fresh lime


miami vice

Coconut, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, coconut cream

energy drinkz

top o the mornin

Monster, blue raspberry, green apple, watermelon

holy schnike

Red bull, Mtn dew, raspberry, vanilla, coconut


Guava, passion fruit, strawberry

nitty gritty

Monster, Sprite, strawberry, coconut, coconut cream 

pants on fire

Red bull, Mtn dew, blackberry, coconut, fresh lime, half & half

Boo Yah!

Coconut, grapefruit, pineapple

its a doozy

Monster, mango, peach, strawberry

ned the bull

Red bull, Mtn dew, guava, passionfruit, coconut cream

Devil's Icebox

Grapefruit, pomegranate, fresh lime

jumpin jelly

Monster, coconut, pineapple, strawberry


Red bull, Lemonade, SF strawberry, SF peach, SF coconut